¡Aixeta’t! Get Draught! Have La Brava Beer on Tap at Your Parties

06 Jul ¡Aixeta’t! Get Draught! Have La Brava Beer on Tap at Your Parties

Do bottles and cans turn into a hassle at your parties? Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? Fridges bursting with beer bottles of all sizes waiting to be drunk with no space for the meat before the barbecue has even been lit; tables overflowing with abandoned half-empty cans which hopefully won’t spill onto the floor; bags and bags of recycling to do the next day…

At La Brava we want your celebrations to rival the ones at your favourite local bar, so we offer a home draught beer service. We bring the tap dispenser and barrels of La Brava beer directly to your house so you can share the best freshly poured beer with friends and family. We install the dispenser and come to collect it once the festivities are over. All you and your guests have to do is pull the handle—and aim to get the perfect frothy head of foam of course—and enjoy the coolest, freshest La Brava ever.

So get draught (¡Aixeta’t!)  and enjoy a tap dispenser service at home so you and your guests can enjoy La Brava beer at the perfect temperature with just the right amount of foam.

No more worries about finding space for the pasta salad you want to serve. Say goodbye to racing to find the mop, picking up broken glass and walking over sticky floors. ¡Aixeta’t! is here. Your parties will be better than ever!

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