La Brava Recipes #1: Octopus à La Brava

An easy, original and closer-to-home alternative to the classic Galician-style (or ‘á feira’) octopus. In fact, as well as the Atlantic and Cantabrian coasts, the Mediterranean is the main breeding ground for this valued cephalopod in Europe. On the Costa Brava, one of the most...

The Uncertain Origins of Pure Beer

As well as roses and books, swords and dragons, for five centuries Saint George’s Day has also been a day the beer sector marks on its calendar. Exactly 500 years ago on 23rd April, the Reinheitsgebot or Beer Purity Law, initially applicable throughout the Duchy...

Sergi Carmona, La Brava's CEO, selecting the raw materials
A Traditional Method for a Modern Recipe

Would you like to know how we brew our beer? Using our original recipe, we take advantage of the know-how of the most respected master brewers in the world of pilsner lagers to make the dream of having our own brewery come true. Here at La...