Sails to the wind
Tips to Learn the Names of the Mediterranean Winds

Most people know that the compass rose has eight directions: the four cardinal points (north, south, east and west) and the intercardinal intervals (northwest, northeast, southwest and southeast). You may also know that there are different wind names corresponding to each compass point, hence the name...

La Brava, cervesa de Les Nits de Marimurtra 2016
Soul, Sentiment and Cooperation at Les Nits de Marimurtra

This August the Marimurtra Botanical Garden in Blanes is once again the setting for a festival which year after year is proving to be one of the Costa Brava’s unmissable summer events. With the Mediterranean Sea as the backdrop, the incomparable setting of the Linné Temple...

El grup Port-Bo a la Cantada d'Havaneres de Calella (1978). Imatge cedida pel centre de documentació de la Fundació Ernest Morató. Col·lecció Carme Morató
My Grandfather Didn’t Go to Cuba

Havaneres come from Havana, don’t they? Well, no. Or rather, yes, but no. All traditions are to a greater or lesser extent social constructions, idealised recreations of the past we think existed, and the havanera is no exception. As writer and pedagogue Joan Soler i...