Cookies are small files that most websites we visit deposit in our browser so that when we revisit them, they read the data compiled and use it to offer us a better browsing experience.

The La Brava website uses the following cookies:

Cookie Origin Description Type Validity
_icl_current_language Pròpia Allows selection and storage of the language chosen by the user during their session. Strictly necessary
PHPSESSID Pròpia Used to establish the session for the user visiting the website. It is a way of identifying and managing the status (session variables) for a specific user and moving this information using the Internet. Strictly necessary Session
_utma Google Analytics Google Analytics is supported on the website in order to monitor the activity on it. Analytical 2 years
_utmb Google Analytics Google Analytics cookies compile information of a standard nature and anonymous data on the habits of visitors. Analytical 30 minutes
_utmc Google Analytics Determines whether a new session is required. Analytical Session
_utmt Google Analytics Used to process the type of request required by the user. Analytical Session
_utmz Google Analytics Stores the location of the visitor and the route they have taken to access the website. Analytical 6 months
_utmv Google Analytics Used to store data on the visitor’s personalised variables. More information at Google Developers. Analytical 2 years
PREF The use of localisation services such as Google Maps implies the installation of these cookies. 2 years
APISID, SAPISID Used to remember user preferences during their browsing. 2 years
SSID Used by Google to count the number of users using maps. 2 years
NID Used to make advertising more attractive. 6 months
HSID, SID Provides security mechanisms to prevent unauthorised access to user data or to information provided on contact forms, for example. 2 years


If you do not want us to leave these cookies in your browser, choose the option “Private Browsing”.

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If you would like to learn more about cookies, read the Guía sobre el uso de las cookies by the Spanish Data Protection Agency (in Spanish) or the document Cumplir con la ley de cookies en 5 pasos by the Spanish Digital Economy Association (also in Spanish).