The Second Beer Run Championship closes its second edition with full success

27 Nov The Second Beer Run Championship closes its second edition with full success

The beer company La Brava Beer, organizing for the second consecutive year of the Girona beer run championship.

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For the second consecutive year, the La Brava Beer brewing championship was held in the framework of the last Fair of Samples in Girona. This championship, unique in the province and the few that are in the entire state, rewards the talent of the participants in the art of throwing beer with both a bottle and a tap where the foam plays a very important role as well as serving -la in a drink

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On this occasion, the winner was Mercè Cando, from the Restaurant La Sal de Saldet, followed by the second and third position that was given by Eduard Tumeu, Manlleuet Restaurant in Manlleu and Raul Cruz de la Foodtruck La Reliquia, which was curiously Also the winner of the first edition.

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For more than two hours of entertainment and entertainment that filled the hall of the gom gom fairgrounds, the championship had Josep Campmajó as the master of ceremonies and a professional jury of different sectors that evaluated and scored in real time to all the candidates. Some members of the jury were:

  • Marta Prat de Fira de Girona
  • Pere Arpa, chef at Ca l’Arpa restaurant in Banyoles
  • Juan Rodriguez, chef and executive chef of the restaurant Llevataps de Girona
  • Ricard Carbonell, manager of AEEG
  • Toni Cruz, director of the BNI Girona
  • Javi Royo, habitual collaborating artist of La Brava Beer.
  • Doctor Joaquim Majó, director of the product design department of the UdG
  • Josep Quer, from the economic promotion area of ​​the Girona City Council