Half a Million People Know About La Brava Beer

Press coverage

22 Dec Half a Million People Know About La Brava Beer

The introductory campaign for La Brava beer has been a viral success. More than half a million people (with over 400,000 hits on YouTube) now know about the beer, just as the advert comes to the end of its first week online.

During the first few days, the Spanish version became one of the most widely seen and shared videos on the web. Moreover, last Tuesday it was the most popular on YouTube Espanya, reaching peaks of over 10,000 views per hour. Here at La Brava, we want to express our gratitude for the excellent response it has received, with 96% of positive votes on YouTube, a highly unusual figure considering the passion and animosity often incited by any commercial offering.

The impact of the La Brava video has also extended to the press, despite the heavy predominance of the Spanish election campaign or the FIFA Club World Cup. Both the Catalan and Spanish media have brought attention to a campaign which was completed during the week with the release of the catalan version of the video and a version with English subtitles. In addition, there is an upcoming radio spot on the Catalan station with the highest number of listeners.

Three new actions with which La Brava hopes to continue fulfilling the objectives of its positioning strategy in the sector.

(Translation by Sarah Marshall)