La Brava and Calçots: A Marriage Made In Catalonia!

Calçots and La Brava © Paco Sánchez, 2016

01 Feb La Brava and Calçots: A Marriage Made In Catalonia!

Tradition has always led us to believe that the perfect accompaniment to cheese, grilled meat or calçots is a good wine. Obviously, our relationship with vineyards and wine is far stronger than the one we have with beer. However, it is also true that beer is a fantastic culinary companion, even more so with a gastronomic beer such as La Brava.

Now the cold weather is here, a very interesting pairing is calçots with a good La Brava. La Brava is a delicate yet fairly complex beer, offering light toasted nuances with a highly agreeable floral base and a finish reminiscent of nuts and honey. Meanwhile, calçots have an intense vegetable flavour and we must take care to select wines that are not overly tannic. Herein lies the chance to accompany them with a beer like La Brava: the intense aroma of the calçot goes hand in hand with the fragrance of the beer. The toasted notes in both create a harmonious match; the sweetness of the calçot fuses with the sweetness of the high-quality malt; and the hint of nuts is the perfect match for the Catalan romesco sauce.

Two such native products were destined to be together!

(Translation by Sarah Marshall)