A Traditional Method for a Modern Recipe

Sergi Carmona, La Brava's CEO, selecting the raw materials

25 Jan A Traditional Method for a Modern Recipe

Would you like to know how we brew our beer? Using our original recipe, we take advantage of the know-how of the most respected master brewers in the world of pilsner lagers to make the dream of having our own brewery come true.

Here at La Brava we are convinced the only way we can do this is by offering a fast-moving product at a competitive price. However, we manage to do this without sacrificing the unmistakable stamp of quality brought to bear by our tried-and-tested experience as artisans.

To explain a little further, we want to share with you some of our brewing secrets used to create our pilsner-style beer. Our own recipe has a slightly higher alcohol content than its Czech counterparts (5.1%) and is brewed with a quality process that is unprecedented in Spain. Using a 150-year-old malting method for the barley, we only add carefully selected natural ingredients, such as the hop flower, with no concentrates, chemical additives or flavour enhancers.

Unlike most industrial beers, La Brava beer is fermented naturally in open vats for two months. We don’t use any kind of accelerator, meaning the carbonation occurs naturally without CO2 gas being added to accelerate the process and with no foam enhancers, a practice increasingly falling into disuse. Nor do we add any sugars or dextrose to boost fermentation.

In order to produce a high-quality, homogeneous product—which is what makes it a beer suitable for high consumption—at the end of the process, La Brava is filtered and pasteurized to remove sediment and prevent contamination. This ensures all the barrels and bottles reach the same degree of excellence in keeping with our original concept of what La Brava beer should be.