Because Another Type of Advertising for Beer Is Possible

Welcome to la Costa Brava

15 Dec Because Another Type of Advertising for Beer Is Possible

La Brava has an introductory advert. And the truth is that we couldn’t be happier with the result!

After a few weeks’ gestation, working hand in hand with the production company Vimema, six shoots in different locations on the Costa Brava and the subsequent editing and post-production, you can now enjoy the final result on our social networks.

We would like to thank: Vimema for their dedication and professionalism; our fishermen friends at Palamós, who gave us the chance to board their boat and gain some insight into the hard work they do each day; the volunteers who selflessly lent us a hand; and the followers who responded to the call on the social networks for extras in the shoot.

Thank you for accompanying us during those long days and for not abandoning us in the middle of the shoot that Saturday on Cap de Creus, when the strength of the Tramuntana wind made us think we might have to leave it for another day and go home with nothing on film.

But we didn’t. Because, as we want to reflect in our advert, that isn’t what life on the Costa Brava is about. It’s about trying again and again, ten times, a hundred times. Because in the end it’s worth it. Wouldn’t you agree?

(Translation by Sarah Marshall)