There, where the waves crash against the rocks. There, where the seagulls fly over castles of soft sand and the pine-covered hills conceal landscapes with unique coves. There, amidst the refuge of your summer dreams, is where La Brava was conceived, the first beer inspired by the Costa Brava.

Prepared with a selection of completely natural ingredients and with fermentation three times longer than that of other major brands, La Brava is a friendly, fresh beer with a big personality to enjoy on any occasion. A beer with all the virtues of craftsmanship: carefully selected ingredients, meticulous processes and a love of the product. Nevertheless, large-scale production ensures we maintain the desired quality and a price accessible to all.

One thing you can be sure of is that it is a beer which contains all the beauty and character of the Costa Brava. Open one up and let yourself be carried away by the unique flavour of our land.


At La Brava we have developed our own recipe. Each sip takes you back to those summer evenings and weekend revelries.

La Brava is a tasty pilsner lager, with body and an intense golden colour, but adapted to Catalan tastes with a slightly higher alcohol content (5.1%) than most pilsner lagers. It is brewed with completely natural ingredients using the traditional method adopted from the Czech city of Pilsen.


The barley is malted in the same way pilsner lagers have been elaborated for over 150 years, mixing the fresh wort with Saaz hops.

Fermentation takes place in open tubs, following its natural rhythm, without adding CO2, sugars, preservatives or any other type of additives or yeast enhancers to accelerate the fermentation. Unlike most beers produced for mass consumption, our process takes up to two months.

We defend our status as nomads or gypsy brewers, as do some of the world’s most prestigious master brewers. With our original recipe, our ingredients and under our own supervision, La Brava is brewed in a hundred-year-old brewery in the Czech Republic, the best possible site to remain faithful to the most popular style of beer in the world. Our entire process provides optimum conditions for maturation and a better flavour.

La Brava is available in 33 cl bottles and 30 l barrels. You can find it at any of the locations indicated on the map below.


  • Bonpreu - esclat

    Bonpreu - esclat

    You will find La Brava in all the supermarkets of the group Bon preu: Bon preu, Esclat and Iquodrive

  • Carrefour


    You will find La Brava at all Carrefour establishments in Catalonia

  • Send a message to Twitter @labravabeer and we

    Send a message to Twitter @labravabeer and we'll tell you where to use it!

  • Montserrat


    You will find La Brava in all the Montserrat supermarkets

  • Jodofi


    You will find La Brava at all Jodofi establishments

  • You will find La Brava at Catalonia and Balears Aldi establishments

    You will find La Brava at Catalonia and Balears Aldi establishments

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